Cabana Soaps began in 2007.  Zachery Kidder was following his wife while she pursued her education.  Zac was not able to talk his employer into a 3 month on 9 month off position.  Talking with his best friend's mom about his employment problem she offered her awesome soap recipe to start a business where ever he and his wife landed.   Zac and his wife have a favorite spot on the shore of Bois Blanc Island in the middle of the Straits of Mackinac they call the Cabana.  Cabana Soaps was named after this location.  Cabana Soaps is made with positive intentions and lots of love.  The mission is to make an outstanding soap, great for your skin,  and a sensory experience like no other that is natural and environmentally responsible.  People come back and say that one of the best parts of their day is taking a shower with Cabana Soaps. 

The two main things that set Cabana Soaps apart from any other soaps is the feeling on your skin and the ingredients.  There is no palm, no soy, and no animal product in the soap .  The palm industry is responsible for a big portion of environmental degradation going on around the planet.  As many local ingredients as possible are used to minimize the carbon foot print on our planet.  All the colors in the soaps are from the plants the soaps are made from.  There are no Mineral Oxides used.   All the smells are fair trade, aromatherapy grade, organic essential oils.  After using Cabana Soaps your skin will have no tight dry feeling, there will be no oily residue.  Your skin will feel ultimately cleansed and refreshed. 

Making soap is an exact sciences you can have the same ingredients with different characteristics, it is all about the ratios of oils used.  Cabana Soaps recipe has been tried and tested!  The recipe is well over 40 years old passed down from generation to generation.    Warning, this is very addictive soap, people say it is the feeling on their skin and the experience in the shower.


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